How Confidence Impact Your Ability to Lasting Long

March 13, 2021 

Premature Ejaculation is Caused How much of premature ejaculation is caused by physical problems and how much is caused by psychological? Like many sexual dysfunctions, the answer usually lies in a combination of the two. Physical problems such as not enough serotonin, a hormone imbalance, or diseases like diabetes can certainly contribute to the problem while emotional distress like stres

Talk With Your Partner About Your Sexual Desires

March 11, 2021 

Everyone deserves to have a great sex life. So although it’s important to please your partner in bed, it’s equally essential that your own desires are fulfilled. Communicating Your Desires Sometimes these desires can be expressed without much discussion at all. Most women like trying new and exciting things in the bedroom. But a long discussion can just detract from the spontaneity and

Foods That Help Prevent Premature Ejaculation

March 6, 2021 

Premature ejaculation is a form of sexual dysfunction that adversely affects the quality of a man's life. This article will talk about the foods that can prevent premature ejaculation. Natural Foods For Premature Ejaculation Asparagus Asparagus is a versatile vegetable and many nutritionists are talking about how asparagus can be used to mitigate the effects of premature ejaculation. Thi

Ways To Make Sex Last Longer in Bed

March 3, 2021 

Premature ejaculation is a problem that has affected people since ages, but that time has also allowed people to figure out different ways to make things work. In order to avoid the embarrassment and feeling of inadequacy that problems in the bedroom can lead to, a man can try a variety of techniques, ranging from a certain kind of exercise to several harmless medical options. Either way, whether

Make Your Sex Life More Interesting

November 26, 2019 

Of course you may feel that your sex life is great. Still some things remain that can make your sex life more interesting. What are these secret thing? Playing Your Fantasy How can something interesting and innovative repeat itself with something you are comfortable with? So you need to try something new. So talk about your and your partner's fantasy and apply them. Your shy nature and being

Ways To Sexually Seduce Your Husband

November 22, 2019 

Imagine having the proper control on you man and being able to sexually arouse him in bed anytime you want. There is nothing hotter than that. If you know how to seduce your man in bed, you will never have to settle for less ever. You will never have to ask your man for the attention you want and rekindle the heat in your relationship, even your married life. Here are thirty-five ways, in

Difference Between Emotional And Physical Intimacy

November 11, 2019 

Closeness is characterized as a nearby, natural, and generally tender or cherishing individual association with someone else or gathering." Emotional closeness makes things one stride further, carrying that closeness to a more elevated level where two individuals can share sentiments, considerations, issues and conclusions transparently without feeling judged or rejected. There's no unc

Hot Positions For Married Couple For 7 Days

November 8, 2019 

So, the good doggy style no longer excites you. And you are sick to death of repeating the same moves over and over again in the bedroom. In plain words, your sex life is boring and you are dying to add some spice to it. Worry not, ‘coz it happens to the best of us. Stop being basic and make some steamy changes to your sex routine. Our Monday to Sunday sex tips is all about variety in the

How To Get Harder Erections

November 6, 2019 

You have an erection, but, maybe you want an even harder one. If you have erectile issues, these tips may work. However, consider consulting a doctor as well. But if you experience regular erections, just looking to make it a little stiffer, try out some of these tips below. You may have to test out a couple of them, but for a harder erection, it’s worth it. Make sure your tool is in tiptop

What Wife Want From Husband In The Bed

November 4, 2019 

While making sex relations, what women want from a man has always been the subject of research. Much has been written on this earlier. Results of the latest research have emerged on this issue. In addition to the subjects of sex, more than 700 women have expressed their views openly. Main Focus On Love That the most important thing to satisfy the sexual desire of the female partner in th


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