Make Your Sex Life More Interesting

November 26, 2019 

Of course you may feel that your sex life is great. Still some things remain that can make your sex life more interesting. What are these secret thing?

Playing Your Fantasy

How can something interesting and innovative repeat itself with something you are comfortable with? So you need to try something new. So talk about your and your partner’s fantasy and apply them. Your shy nature and being very judgmental about things can have a wrong effect on your sex life.

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When You’re At The Top

When you are leading and at the top, your clitoris is rubbing your partner’s pubic bone … This position helps you reach orgasm soon and gives additional visual stimulation to your partner.


Masturbating is considered normal, if it is in a limit then it is healthy for you. During masturbating, you understand your body and its needs well, which in future is beneficial for your sex life.

Talking Dirty

Of course ladies feel embarrassed about this and barely think of doing so. Now it seems so difficult to think, then let us know what to do. Still, you would be surprised to know that dirty talks are the best way to turn-on many men and women. Try once to see what you find this extra loving!

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Delayed Pleasure

Although reaching Orgasm is not your cup of tea. During sex, when you feel that you are close to Climex, then control yourself for a few moments and then start … Doing so can take you to the peak of Orgasm. Try once, it will be amazing experience for you.

Always At The New Place

Having sex in a completely new and different place also adds spice to your sex life. Such as a car or any place where you can get complete privacy. Of course, doing so will increase the pleasure of your sex life.

Revenge The Battle There

Really, the next time you have a fight between people, it is better to go to bed and creatively release your anger on each other than convert it into cold war for a few more days. Doing this will give you the experience of crazy and passionate sex.

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What Do You Need

Tell your partner about what works for you and what does not. If you are feeling tired, do tell her. Do not pretend to feel orgasm like this. With your sharing, he will be able to understand what he has to do now and what not. This will allow you to enjoy both intercourse and other sex activities more.


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