Gambir is a great help for people who have premature ejaculation problems. Gambir Sarawak really helped me to last longer in bed. It was a great product, the effect was instant.

Doyle Ford, Doyle Ford

This stuff is amazing. I used Gambir Sarawak and called my ex up. She came by and within a minute I was fully erect and had no problems at all keeping the erection. We had sex 4 times. My life has now changed I feel so much better about myself.

Sylvestre, Canada

I wanted to be able to last longer and provide more satisfaction for my wife. My friend suggest me a Gambir Sarawak that I used. The results were amazing! I was able to maintain a strong erection for the duration, giving my wife multiple orgasms.

Ruben Cortez, Arlington

100% natural herbal ingredients and can feel the difference in energy and stamina. Very nice products. Thanks Gambir Sarawak

Stephanie, Singapore

Ever herb Gambir Sarawak is really great and it works, I have used other brands also, but this brand is much more effective in terms of last longer in bed and for boost your sexual stamina.

Williams, Newport News

Robert, Singapore

Used this Gambir Sarawak for the first time and results are truly amazing… it greatly improved my sexual performance and i am very much satisfied.

Matthew Belko, United States

I read about Gambir Sarawak Liquid while looking for aphrodisiacs and I decided to try it. So far so good! I’ve been using Gambir Sarawak liquid for four months now and my confidence is soaring. Thanks Gambir Clinic!

George Kv, Singapore

This is a very good product, after using I am 100% satisfied with my sex life. I am enjoying very frequently. Whoever enjoy the sex life please use.

Daniel, California

Very nice product. I recently married and had issues to do sex. After applying it everything went smooth. Thanks to Gambir Sarawak

Sreejith, Kerala

I usually climax within 7-10 minutes after penetration.
I was not 100% sure when I bought this product. But after I tried it for the first time, I took more than 1 hour to ejaculate 😁.. I am very happy to buy this Gambir Sarawak, and now I can keep going for more than 1 hours.

Jorge Quezada, United States

‘OMG– Thank you SO Much!’

Amazing herbal product. Worked just as described

If there’s any doubt, look into, research never hurt anyone. It really did help me last longer in bed. Significantly– Highly recommended++


I am very happy with Gambir Sarawak product which helped me to last longer in bed. Premature ejaculation is no more a sexual problem for me and my wife. We are happy to have purchased Gambir Sarawak.

Shawna, New Brunswick

it really helped me as an individual. It was a great herbal product, the effect was instant and I lasted for really long and I recommend you to buy it from gambirclinic as they have the cheapest rate available.

Mike, Croatia

Worked like a charm, and made my man’s experience more intense. Happy we are.

Satisfied Wife, United States

I did a lot of research on Gambir Sarawak before using it and tried it for the first time the other day… it was truly AMAZING. Started feeling an erection within 10 minutes and was fully ready to go in 15-20 minutes… it lasted on and off for the next 3 hours or so as stimulation was taking place. It really is a miracle cure for those with ED. I’d highly recommend.

Harry, Egypt

Gambir Sarawak I have been on this for a couple of years. It does work and it last long enough. The only side effect that I have seen is it a little burning sensation.

Jay Yap, Singapore

Worked I have had a great deal of help from this with no side effects.

Skippy, Ghana

The effect of Gambir Sarawak is good for achieving an erection, and maintaining the erection. However my wife says that it is different from others, and she really like it.

Muggsy, Italy

I have started using very recently as I am age range 40’s. I felt ED when love making with my GF and I was upset about it . I always can get up and had issue with keeping up. It was getting softer. Did lot of research. We have stated with Gambir Sarawk Liquid I am happy how it helps me. I do not see any side effect affect after use.


I was having decreasing firmness and decreasing erection duration but after apply it I had a Long lasting firm erection, increased sensitivity and great climax. Confident and great sex again.


I’ve never thought I would buy any of the premature ejaculation cure stuff that is so often advertised in mass media.  I read the medical sites that said none of the herbal supplements could ever help you to cure premature ejaculation. It depressed me a lot, because I couldn’t say I had premature ejaculation problem and can stay long enough to arouse of my partners smile. Since I’m not that young my sexual performance left much to be desired as well. Being assured that I wouldn’t lose my money anyway, I ordered 2 pieces of Gambir Sarawak large bark to try and couldn’t believe the results I experience.
I now can last longer in bed and also witnessed a noticeable increase in erections with the menthol tingling sensation pleasure that i am experiencing. It is certainly worth the money I paid. You know how they say it: “Miracles don’t just happen; they are firstly very well prepared.” No doubt that your company put a lot of time and effort to start helping people.

Ahmad Wisma bin Abu Bakar, Kuala Lumpur

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years. I met him at the bar where I work, he kept buying me drinks. At first, I wasn’t at all interested, but eventually he wore me down. Thoughts on sex enhancement drugs: I totally think that they work! We had a discussion about premature ejaculation in my human sexuality class, and the teacher had a lot of good points. Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years to cure diseases, so why couldn’t they make a guy’s last longer in bed? “Gambir Sarawak” is the #1 on the market right now, so that says a lot about the product. They are 100% safe and natural, which is really important to me too. My boyfriend is really into organic foods and keeping his body in good shape, so I want to make sure that I am helping him not hurting him! What do you
hope to gain from this challenge? Hmmm? A boyfriend with a can give you sexual satisfaction last longer in bed of course!

Ms. Angeline Lee, Bartender, Germany

It is so much affordable Well, I always knew that I needed some help in the form of an enhancement pill or something because I had this major problem with premature ejaculation while I was still in the middle of sex. Trust me, it was embarrassing and every time I justified myself making some really lame and stupid excuses. Though I knew my problem, I was confused as to what products to choose for premature ejaculation cure, especially because many of them have proven to be of no good whatsoever and were a plain rip off. Then, a friend recommended “Gambir Sarawak” to me. They are so affordable, so I decided to give it a shot. Contrary to my expectations, the results are simply astounding! I am able to last longer in bed and stay hard as long as I want during sex. “Gambir Sarawak” provides a burning sensation on my penis and on my gal clitoris also increased the enjoyment of making sex remarkably.
Happy Customer

Herald Lee, Hong Kong

It completely changed my relationship. I am sharing something very personal here. Before I began using “Gambir Sarawak”, I can only last just 2 minute long to ejaculation when making love while I very well knew that my gal just started to enjoy it. She used to fake orgasms, just to make me feel better. She didn’t want me to be disappointed. But how much can she sacrifice? After a point, our relationship began to lose all its charm because of my premature ejaculation makes our sex life boring. It was an awkward and somewhat embarrassing moment when she told me the truth. I was hurt and one day stumbled across “Gambir Sarawak” over the Internet. I order my very first “Gambir Sarawak” just to give it a try and the result are amazing!! Now I enjoy seeing how my girlfriend is always eager to take me inside her. We enjoy sex at least 5 times a week now, whereas earlier we used to do it only twice a month. All thanks to “Gambir Sarawak” My sex life is all charged up.

Andrew Anderson, Australia

My relationship with my girlfriend was falling apart because of premature ejaculation problem. I can only last for 5 minutes and I knew it wasn’t enough to satisfy my partner. She could never get a real orgasm so she had to fake it not to disappoint me. After using “Gambir Sarawak” I average out half and hours to 45 minutes. Now my girlfriend can’t wait for me to get back from work so we can start making love. Now we make love at least 5 times each week. Before there were times where we haven’t seen each other naked for weeks. Thanks to Gambir Sarawak I began to enjoy my sex life more.

Last Longer in Bed

Benjamin Merlow, New York

I always thought I would need some kind of an expensive surgery to fix my premature ejaculation problem. Well, frankly speaking, I didn’t have enough money for that anyway. So I just reconciled myself to the fate of “the little man” and merely bore the giggling in the gym’s or swimming pools locker room. Until the moment I came across your website. Well what can I say; it’s really hard to overrate the importance of what you guys are doing. Gambir Sarawak managed to makes my erections harder. My sexual desire increased as well as my erections became fuller and longer lasting. Not to mention that I got no more laughter behind my back. Now I meet the looks full of amazement and surprise.

Richard Keaton, New York

My problem used to be coming too soon in the middle of a sex act. You could understand how embarrassed I used to get every time, followed by stupid excuses from me of how I had problems at work, or any other Bull Shit. After doing research on other products I thought I’d give Gambir Sarawak a try. I was more than happy with the enhancements it has given my sex life!

Premature Ejaculation No More

JOSHUA GRANT, The Philippine

First of all I would like to thank GambirClinic.com for letting me share my story with all of you. My name is Ron and my problem before using Gambir Sarawak was being called a “60 SECONDS MAN.” I could orgasm in less than a minute and that always kept me from a long-lasting relationship with any woman. Now after using Gambir Sarawak I have been making love for a lot longer than before. I finally was able to satisfy my partner and I am thinking of proposing to her next month.


I’m very grateful to “Gambir Sarawak” for bringing for bringing such miraculous changes to my life. Having sex lasting for an hour and became more passionate and sexually attractive, I was even able to fix the relationship with my wife (we were on the verge of the divorce) by simply having great sex with her. I feel more confident now and? I’m just happy!!! Thank you so much and good luck to you.

Eric Kerwin, New Zealand

“I received my “Gambir Sarawak” order this week. Thank you very much. Trust me, I will be ordering again!!!!! My wife was more than surprised with the results and for me…. I felt 18 years old again.
Thank you so much. You will be hearing from me again :)”

David, Singapore


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