Hot Positions For Married Couple For 7 Days

November 8, 2019 

So, the good doggy style no longer excites you. And you are sick to death of repeating the same moves over and over again in the bedroom. In plain words, your sex life is boring and you are dying to add some spice to it. Worry not, ‘coz it happens to the best of us. Stop being basic and make some steamy changes to your sex routine.

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Our Monday to Sunday sex tips is all about variety in the bedroom, for both you and your partner.

Monday: Doggy Style

All those fancy pillows you bought look great and all on your couch but now is the time to put them to better use. Make a makeshift mountain out of the pillows, bend over them with your stomach down and get your man to embrace you from the back. Not only does it make the doggy style more comfortable, but it is also a lot more pleasurable!

Tuesday: Sitting

Here’s an idea for some Tuesday thrill. Let him sit on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. Facing him, wrap your legs around his waist for balance and bend your body backwards. Your head should be pointing towards the floor and your body should be upside down. Make sure you both get a good grip, or the trapeze could go horribly wrong. But how will you ever know if you don’t experiment.

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Wednesday: Wheelbarrow

If you enjoyed the Trapeze, you’re going to love the wheelbarrow. Make your Wednesdays more exciting with this hot AF standing sex position. Get on your hands and feet as your partner holds you up with your pelvis. Wrap your legs around his hips for support. This kinky position gives him the glorious view of your bottom and will make you orgasm like never before!

Thursday: Spooning

You’re all familiar with spooning, the intimate position that you and your partner both love. Now bring sex to the mix with twisted spooning. Spoon with your partner and lift your upper leg, allowing him to enter you. Now wrap the lifted leg around his. Besides having access to your breasts, he’ll be able to thrust in deeper since your legs are spread wide apart. On Thursdays when you’re exhausted after work, but still in the mood for sex. Try this!

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Friday: The Bridge

A variation on the traditional missionary position, The Bridge requires a bit more flexibility from the woman but with well-worthy results! From the missionary position, the man should sit up so that he’s sitting on his ankles whilst the woman stays on her back with her feet flat on the floor with her hips raised towards the ceiling into a low bridge position. This will allow him to enter her in a perfect position. The new angle of penetration can create intense stimulation for her, plus it has the added benefit of toning her thighs and buttocks at the same time.

Saturday: Table Romp

Bend over a table, a high bed or any raised and sturdy surface. He will lift you up by your hips so that the bottom half of your body is in the air and your legs are stretched out. You see, there’s a reason why this position is called the Superwoman! This position gives your man straight access to your clitoris and puts him in-charge as you can’t do much lying down on your stomach.

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Sunday: The Standing Quickie

Having sex standing up is extremely passionate and because of this, both partners usually find it easy to climax quickly – hence the name. The woman stands with her back to the wall and the man stands in front of her. It helps if there is a table or stool nearby that she can rest one leg on as penetration is easier when her legs are slightly parted. The man should soften his knees for added support and take control of the thrusting. This is a great position for when you are out and fancy a secret quickie!

Try these sexy and steamy positions to flip your boring bedroom routine.


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