How To Get Harder Erections

November 6, 2019 

Get Harder Erections

You have an erection, but, maybe you want an even harder one. If you have erectile issues, these tips may work. However, consider consulting a doctor as well. But if you experience regular erections, just looking to make it a little stiffer, try out some of these tips below. You may have to test out a couple of them, but for a harder erection, it’s worth it. Make sure your tool is in tiptop shape.

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Lose The Tummy Fat

I know that dad bods are sexy, but if you pack too much fat around your stomach you have a higher chance of diabetes which is a leading cause of impotence. Now, you don’t need a six-pack, but you do need to control your weight. If you’re overweight now, losing body fat results in harder erections.

Get Some Proper Sleep

You probably didn’t think your erections connect to the quality of sleep you get each night, but it’s true. While you sleep you have between three to five hour-long erections. I know, it’s crazy. Morning wood is a prime example. These erections send oxygenated blood to your penis. So, get your nightly dose of sleep.

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Reduce Stress Levels

Stress is an erectile killer. If you live or work in a high-stress environment, you put yourself at high risk for erectile dysfunction. The long-term effects of stress are hardening of the arteries which leads to weak erections. For harder erections, do stress-relieving activities such as walking, yoga, swimming, reading, or meditation.

Workout Your Pelvic Floor

If you want a harder erection, it’s time for you to work out your pelvic floor. These exercises are essentially Kegels. If you practice these exercises every day for six months, you notice a huge difference in your erections. To do Kegels, you contract the same muscles you use to stop peeing midstream. Hold them for 10 seconds and release. Do 18-20 of these a day.

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Go Easy On The Porn

If you’re an avid porn fan it could destroy your ability for harder erections. Excessive usage of porn actually prevents you from being aroused with your partner. Cut out porn all together for a couple of weeks and monitor your erections as they should be getting harder.

Withholding Ejaculating

I know you want to ejaculate but don’t. Of course, if you have a quickie then it doesn’t matter, but if you’re not, there’s no need to rush. Withholding ejaculations actually helps to strengthen your penis. In other words, if you make it five minutes without ejaculating, you already do wonders to make your penis stronger.

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Stay Away From Penis Shrinkers

You probably wonder what I talk about when I say penis shrinkers. If you smoke or drink heavily, then you use penis shrinkers. It’s well-documented in the scientific community that smoking is a cause of impotence and affects erection size. This is because it damages penile tissue. Making it less elastic, thus, reducing its ability to stretch.


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