What To Do When Husband Says ‘NO ROMANCE’

September 17, 2019 

Indifference to sexual relations, to avoid or to be cut off … If your husband behaves like this, then becomes aware. Try to find out the hidden reasons behind their ‘NO’ and remove them, so that your sex life does not stop.

In the male dominated society, there has been a tendency of the man to keep himself better than women, capable, strong or superior. These things are seen almost everywhere, even if it is sex. In spite of sex being an intimate subject, the man tries his best to maintain or show himself superior. While the initiative of sex was mostly from men, now women too do not fail to take initiative. But there are very few occasions when a man refuses sex at the request of his wife. Why does this happen? What can be the reason? Come, let’s try to know.

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Physical And Mental Fatigue

According to Sexologist Expert, “Husbands are generally do not deny sex in the system. The wife also has the right to refuse in the days of periods etc. But many times the pressure of family and social responsibilities forces the husband to say ‘NO’ to sex. May be physical and mental exhaustion behind their refusal, due to which they do not have the desire for sex or do not even have time to think about it.

Lack Of Sexual Fantasy In Wife

According to a survey, men who dream, have a lot of sex related objects. In this way, gradually a sexual fantasy develops in them. Women do not express their sexual desires due to shyness, nor are they able to open more in sex. That is, if the sexual fantasy of husband to wife is not fulfilled, then gradually the interest in husband’s sex decreases.

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Communication Gap

Often, problems such as lack of communication between husband and wife arise due to ego or for other reasons. Treating the husband’s wife as an object of consumption on him makes the situation even more complicated. Women give more importance to love and feelings, while men give physical attraction. In such a situation, it is natural to increase the conflict and communication gap, due to which the husband starts becoming indifferent to sex.

Habit And Diseases

Experts say that the stress level in the society is increasing. The habit of alcohol, smoking, taking more medicines is becoming common. Also, there are many such diseases, which adversely affect the body. New physical problems arise from this and the sexual life of husband and wife is also not affected. Gradually, a situation of stagnation and dullness starts forming in the relationship.

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Extramarital Affair

With aging, the husband’s physical capacity decreases and he does not accept this weakness. In such a situation, if another woman is attracted to him, then he gets a mental satisfaction that he is still capable. Gradually this attraction starts turning into an emotional attachment and the husband runs away from his wife.

What To Do?

If the husband runs away from sex, then this problem is more psychological than physical and the current situation is more responsible for them. But a sensible wife can handle these situations very well.

Perhaps you do not take care of your husband’s wishes and choices. Look at it, like – in what clothes they like to see you, what kind of clothes they are crazy about, etc.

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Do not let more shyness in sexual relations. The things, actions that your husband likes, definitely do. The wife of a software engineer working in a private company says, “I was not able to open up much in front of my husband due to my family rites. Gradually I came to know that my husband is running away from sex, then after consulting the sexologist, I changed myself. Now my husband is very happy and we both enjoy our sexual life completely. ”-

Both husband and wife must take some time for mutual conversation. Understand each other’s feelings. Make a living by sharing family responsibilities, so that both can share their hobbies and their desires with each other. According to Experts, “Husband’s refusal of sex arises in most cases only from the communication gap. It is the responsibility of both to reduce this gap. ”

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Do not let fear and doubt come in the relationship of husband and wife. Faith in each other increases love and makes both of them excited for sexual relations. If you take care of all these things, it will not take long to change the husband’s ‘No’ to ‘Yes’. Happy sexual life!


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