Make Private Life Most Exciting Ever

October 29, 2019 

Study tells we feel sexier in summer while going on holiday gives us more time to play. But occasionally the weather can put a dampener on hot sex because we’re too tired and sticky to get physical. So with holiday season peaking this week, we’ve come up with some sizzling sex tips to make sure you can take off to new heights of pleasure.

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MAKE A SEX TO-DO LIST:- While you’re thinking your holiday packing list, make a sex request list with your partner of all the things you’d like to try while on holes.

LIGHT THE FIRE:- During the afternoon send some flirty texts to your husband to build the erotic pressure for an evening of fun.

PACK FOR PLEASURE:- Take sexy swimsuit and fab clothes to dress up in for dinner, plus float dresses and easy to remove skirts for sneaky outdoor romps and scarves for blindfolding and tying up And don’t forget the massage oil and lube…and a discreet sex toy.

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BE SEX-SEE:- Stand in front of a long mirror, totally naked. Get your partner to stand behind you, blindfolded and also naked and let them explore, touch and kiss you all over as you watch yourself become aroused. Take turns.

DON’T DO IT IN THE HOT TUB:- It may look sexy in porn movies but hot tubs are full of chemicals and bacteria and can lead to nasty irritations, urinary tract or yeast infections. But it’s fine for some caressing and steamy foreplay. Shampooing each other’s hair is an incredibly intimate and sexy thing to do.

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ENJOY THE FOOD OF LOVE:- Tuck in to all those delicious things that lift the mood and sex drive. Avocados, bananas, and figs are great aphrodisiacs they’re packed with vitamins and minerals that increase blood flow to the genitals.

ROLE PLAY:- Pretend you’re complete strangers and “meet” at your hotel bar. After some hot flirting, slip him your room card and head off for sex, keeping in character.

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