How Mental Health Affect Your Married Sex Life?

September 19, 2019 

It is natural to have ups and downs in the sex life of married couples in a busy life. In such a situation, in the intimate relationship between husband and wife, boredom is created instead of romance. If one of the husband or wife is mentally stressed, then its direct effect is visible in their bedroom, where feelings of boredom and boredom start to awaken in the mind of husband and wife instead of passion and pleasure. Most people have also experienced that when they are tension free, they enjoy sex more, but when they are in some kind of mental trouble, then its side effects also appear on their sex life. After all, what is the connection between mental health and sex life? Let’s know

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Brain Connection To Sex

Sex has a direct connection to the brain, because when we think about sex, our brain releases the mood-making hormone serotonin. The secretion of this hormone increases blood circulation in our sex organs, but when someone is mentally unwell or disturbed or is taking medicines, then its direct effect is visible on their sex life. In such a situation, the person may have problems like sexual dysfunction or loss of libido. Therefore, for healthy sex life, it is very important to stay healthy not only physically but also mentally.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

It has been revealed in many studies that the sex life of women or men who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder is severely affected. People suffering from this have to face a lot of problems in their intimate relationships. However, this trauma can also be due to sexual violence in the past or due to a serious accident. Experts believe that the person suffering from this lacks excitement during sexual activity and does not have active activity in sex.

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People suffering from depression i.e. depression often feel lack of physical energy, due to which their interest in sex starts to decrease or their libido is reduced. Such people become victims of sexual dysfunction, due to which problems like erection or lack of orgasm occur in them. In many cases, the use of antidepressant medicines also appears to have a negative effect on sex life.


Several studies have shown that about 75% of people with anxiety have sexual problems. While erectile dysfunction is seen in men suffering from it, a sexual enhancement disorder can occur in women, including things like fear of sex and avoidance. This problem can also happen to those who have been sexually abused, in addition to this there can be a decrease in the libido of people suffering from social anxiety.

Eating Disorder

When a person starts eating excessively or in very small amounts, it is called eating disorder. It is a kind of mental illness. People suffering from this disorder may have problems like sexual anxiety, refraining from sex, indifference to sex and sexual dysfunction. According to a research, if a person suffers from an eating disorder, it can directly affect the production of hormones that increase sexual arousal in his body.

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder in which the mood of the victim changes frequently. Sometimes his confidence is at the peak, sometimes his confidence goes down to a very low level. The person suffering from this one moment is happy and the next moment becomes unhappy and depressed, due to which negative effect on their sexual life. In such a situation, their frequently changing moods and behavior become fatal to intimate relationships.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Giving inappropriate or excessive emotional responses, behaving excessively impulsively, and a history of unstable relationships, etc. can be symptoms of borderline personality disorder. People suffering from this are neither able to remain stable in their jobs nor in their personal relationships. This is the reason that their sexual life is worse, because the person suffering from it either tries to avoid sex or he gets impulsive during sex.

 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

A person suffering from OCD does the same thing again and again, such as repeatedly washing hands, checking door lock, paying more attention to cleanliness, etc. Obsessive compulsive disorder also affects the sex life of the victim. The person suffering from this can be addicted to super erotic, sexual fantasy i.e. sexual fantasy and Masturbation. However, treatment and medicines can be taken to reduce its symptoms.

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