Ever Heard About These Sexual Disorders

October 9, 2019 

Sex Disorder

Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, night fall – these are some of the problems related to sex that most people are aware of because these are very common problems that often occur due to stress related to sex. But there are some weird diseases and disorders related to sex that you may have never even heard of them.

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Organismic Dysfunction

Just as men with erectile dysfunction have difficulty achieving erection during sex, similarly in organismic dysfunction a person feels excitement but as soon as he reaches the climax he does not get orgasm or very rarely orgasm and it takes too much time. The problem of not getting orgasm can be caused by either men or women.


You can also call it hyper sexuality in simple terms. This is a situation in which a person has the desire to have sex horny all the time. The problem of nymphomania usually occurs in women and sometimes this problem increases so much that women suffering from this disease become extremely desperate about sex.

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This is a disease related to sex in which you have sex while sleeping. In a way, it is like sleep walking. During this time you may be sleepy but you know that you are having sex. Like nymphomania, a person suffering from sexomania is hyper active about sex.

Sex Organ Syndrome

Feeling an organism can be a great experience, but every second minute if you feel an organism, then it can become a problem for you. Just think, you are talking to some calling in the office and you feel an organism, while eating, while bathing, while driving – if you have an organism feeling every other time, it is also a disease called sexual organism syndrome.

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