Myths Related To Erectile Dysfunction Will Surprise You

October 7, 2019 

Erectile dysfunction is a problem in which the male is unable to maintain the erection during the intercourse. Apart from sexual life, it also has a bad effect on health. But there are some myths related to this which people believe to be true and for this reason are afraid to get treatment. But the truth of these myths is something else. Let’s know some myths related to erectile dysfunction and their truth.

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Sex Life Ends If Erectile Dysfunction Occurs

This is a myth. If a man has an erection problem, he can take some medicine on medical advice some time before the intercourse, which will not cause any problem in the sex life.

Problem With Male Private Part

It is not like that at all. Some people make the same mistake, while the erection also indicates that there can be some problem in other parts of the body besides the penis. Therefore, it is important to contact the doctor in time.

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Cigarette Smoking Does Not Affect Private Part

This is a blank myth. Your wrong habits such as smoking cigarettes … These have a bad effect on the private part of the Male. In fact, smoking cigarettes destroys blood vessels of the private part, due to which blood flow does not happen there and hence there is no erection.

Erection Problem Due To Wearing Tight Underwear?

Tight underwear does not cause any erection problems, but yes it does have a negative effect on fertility. It is not like that at all. Admittedly, the problem of erection starts with increasing age, but do not do it at all that you should accept it as an age. This is because even after getting older, most men enjoy their sex life.

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