Emotionally Feel Better Sex With Unstable Ladies

August 1, 2019 

According to a German research, men are more likely to have sex with such women who are emotionally unstable, while women feel better with those men who do not agree with them, but pay more attention to them.

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Personality And Sex

We already know that any person’s perception of compatibility with their partner is only responsible for their better sex life. But no one has yet done any study about how someone’s personality influences someone’s sex life.

Arousal and Orgasm

Head researcher Julia Walten and his colleagues from this German research examined every volunteer participating in this research, asking about their sex life, personality and sex experience. In this research, women were asked about their sex desire, sexual desire, satisfaction, arousal and organism, while the questions asked by men were based on erectile function, design, satisfaction and organism.

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Emotional Stability

All the answers found on these questions found that such men, whose partners had less emotional stability, had a better sex experience, whereas in case of men, such male partners gave better sex experience, in many cases with their partner less agree. They also found that “Men who are totally duty-free, and feel the need to satisfy their partner in sex, they have better sex relations with their partners.”

Same Quality On The Bed

In this research published in the Journal of Sex Research, it was also found that those men had better sex relations with their partner who had similar qualities on the bed, such as getting easily excited from the erotica fantasy. Researchers said, “If there are similar partners of men who are very excited by the erotica fancy, then such couples have sex compatibility.”

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24 Years Of Relationship

The average age of volunteers who were studied at this age was 51 years and they were in this relationship for nearly 24 years. In the case of sex relations, not only personality qualities were tested. In addition, the age of men was found to be negatively linked to the score of their sexual relations.

On this, researchers said, “This research means that a healthy sex life is possible even in the long-running relationship.” But other experts said that more research is needed in this field right now.

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Partner’s Personality

“Nevertheless, this research explores some new assumptions, which shows how our partner’s personality can affect our sex life.”


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