These Mistake Can Husband Mood Off on The Bed

July 26, 2019 

It is said that sex life is better than life is happy and in order to make it better, there are many small things to keep in mind, which will give the partner full charge for sex. But not every person is perfect, and knowingly or unknowingly doing such things, the partner’s mood turns off instead of being turned on. Here we are telling you about some of the smallest idiots that we often do during intimate and do not pay attention.

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Stuff On Bed

A clean and attractive bed also makes a lot of sense for the partner to turn on the mood turn. Because when you are getting an intimate on the bed and suddenly the TV’s remote, clothes, food wrappers or makeup items are stinging or tearing, then there is difficulty in this and the partner starts to feel angry. Therefore, before getting intimate, clean your bed properly, so that no one disturbs you both.

Selfie During The Intimate

Some people take selfie or video to capture intimation moments often in their camera. But they are unaware that their actions can turn the partner’s mood off. It also helps in reaching the organism. That is why avoid doing this during sex.

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Work During Romance

During sex often women remind their partner about the work of their home, such as electricity bill or not? Did not close the tap properly? Or, ‘Please go out and look outside the door, it is no longer open’. By asking all such questions at this time, they turn off their partner’s mood. That is why during sexual intercourse, do not talk about household chores but rather sexy and naughty, so that your partner is charged.

Dirty Undergarments

Your partner expects you to take off your undergraduates or see them, they should be clean and sexy. If this becomes dirty and stinking then your partner will start moving away from you. This leaves her mind off for sex. You should take full care of your personal hygiene during sex. If you do not do this, then it also keeps you at risk of getting sexually transmitted.

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Tight Clothes

If you are wearing tight and tight clothes while intimate, then your partner can be frustrated in taking it off. In such a situation, the mind will be very angry and it will start to feel annoying. Therefore always take the initiative for sex by wearing loose clothes.

Using Bathroom

Although nature calls should not stop but going to your bathroom during sex spoils your partner’s whole mood. That is why try to go to the bathroom before you get an intimate.


During Lovemaking your partner and you are lost in each other. In such a way, you can put an unnecessarily unstoppable mood on the side of the partner, giving advice or asking questions again and again. That is why less talk during sex and more attention to your movements.

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If you compare sex couples with sex power or sex drive during intimate of your partner, then it will not be tolerated at all. This will also cause soreness in your relationship and will also have a bad effect on sex life.


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