You Are Bored With Your Married Sex Life

October 21, 2019 

Just imagine if sex only becomes a boring routine, where you try easy positions to reach the peak easily! It is a very sad truth that after the initial attraction is over, most of the partners try out certain moves where they know what is going to happen next. This makes your sex life quite boring and boring. Human beings adopt easy habits very quickly and do not deviate from their habits without any big stir. So suppose that a similar time has come in your sexual life. What if we tell you that by changing some of your bad habits, your sexual life will be changed dramatically? Yes, we are telling the truth and to prove our point we have some research results and real life experiences of some women.

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On Not Exercising

Good health gives good sex life. Many times, couples come to me complaining that they have almost stopped having sex and even if they do, the results are not so good. My first question to them is, are they fit enough? If you will always be tired and sick, then you will never mind having sex. ”Many times after marriage, one partner becomes a little disinterested about his fitness. Which has an effect on the chemistry of the couple. According to a study, people who exercise, rated themselves very high for sexual performance and willingness to have sex. However, exercise has different effects on the sexual health of women and men.

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Office And Online

We cling to our office and social media so much that these things keep us away from our sexual and intimate moments. The problem starts when there is no control over playing games and spending time on social media. Spending too much time on your device keeps you away from your sexual life. ”In fact, a study published in Computers in Human Behavior Journal states that there is a direct relationship between the growing use of Facebook and the increasing divorce cases. According to the study, a 20 percent increase in Facebook users in a city in the US is linked to a 4 percent increase in same-year divorce cases.

From Real Life

She tried to make exciting your summer vacation. “Being surrounded by children every day can be quite tiring. I only get the chance to spend time sleeping with my engineer husband. So every summer vacation we go to a wonderful place to celebrate vacation. Apart from this, we keep surprising each other with the help of dates and quizzes.

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Not To Talk About Sex

Dialogue is the real key when it comes to fun sex life. “Many times, couples are hesitant to talk about their expectations in bed. Either they do not know the right words to express their feelings. And or else they feel that they might not appear vulgar or overzealous because of their words. Most of the people talked about having regular and good sex life. And gave full credit to it for talking about sex and adopting different things.

Don’t Try Anything New

When it comes to sex, creativity is such a gift that never disappoints you. “There are many reasons why sexual life becomes boring. In many cases, regular sexual behavior is not fun at all. In such cases, you can keep your sex life exciting by playing fantasies, acting as someone, or using aphrodisiacs. Found that newness in relationship between couples Involvement increases the happiness in their relationship. New experiences activate the brain’s reward system and release dopamine and norepinephrine, often released at the beginning of a relationship.

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