What Your Wife Wants For Her Satisfaction In Bed

September 26, 2019 

Satisfaction with sex is very important for any relationship and failure to do so also breaks the relationship. One study has found that women find satisfaction less and significantly late than men. What do women want from men in bed? This is a question that is on every man’s mind. While having lovemaking, there should be a harmony between the female and male partners and should also take care of fulfilling each other’s needs.

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Stay Focused

Every woman wants her partner to be completely focused on their body while having intercourse. During this time, she wants to love her partner not only physically but also mentally. Women want their partner to kiss and kiss on every part of their body, but they prefer kissing on the thighs and surrounding parts of the downside.

Have Oral Work

Women love oral love and they also feel very much on their vagina. Women enjoy oral love to the fullest. She does not tell the partner but every woman wants her partner to perform oral love with them to give them satisfaction. Women get orgasm from oral love, as well as they themselves tell the partner that they love kissing here and where they want to kiss.

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Open Love

Women want the husband too openly and wild love with them. Women want a husband’s initiative to become wild during sex because they themselves are too shy. Husband should have wild sex with them to give them satisfaction and pleasure.

Get Excited

Women like aggression while having sex. Men also prefer stimulation when they enjoy sex, but women prefer more stimulation and aggression than men. Instead of loving too much, women prefer to have sex with a little rough (rough). During sex, if you want to love your wife completely, then have sex a little more excitedly.

Talk Sexy

During love, if you do some dirty talks in the ears of women, then they enjoy a lot. Say some sexy things in the ear of a female partner and don’t be afraid to talk dirty. Tell them where you like to kiss them and what you like in their body. Also ask the female partner when and what they like. Women also like to talk sexy while having sex.

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Play With Their Fingers

There is a lot of sensitivity on the finger tips of women. Kiss on the fingers of the wife and suck them slowly which makes them feel aroused as well as they are able to enjoy sex fully.

Look Into Their Eyes

The eyes of women openly tell how they feel during sex. Look into their eyes and make them feel that you are enjoying sex with them and you are also enjoying having sex with them. This makes your female partner feel equally happy.

Take A Shower With A Partner

Every time a female partner wants something different from you during sex. There are many positions to have lovemaking, so try to do something different every time. Taking a shower with a wife while having sex makes them feel a lot of pleasure and romance.

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