Your Wife Enjoy More Fun In This Kind Of Sex

July 22, 2019 

It is believed that in men, sex is more enjoyable than women, whereas there is nothing like that. Both men and women enjoy equal sex. The real fun of sex is only when both partners are enjoying it a lot. If you want to make your sex life even more exciting and fun then definitely try these sex positions. Here you can know which women in the sex of more fun.

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WOMAN ON TOP: Woman on Top is the most preferred sex position for women. The woman has complete control in this position. In this, the woman gets upset over the male’s face and then both of them do sex.

MAGIC MOUNTAIN: The Magic Mountain is a modified form of Doggy Style. In this position, the woman gets very excited and in this position, the two partners easily get the forearm.

MISSIONARY: missionary position is the most prevalent sex position in the world. The woman lies in the back of the bench, and the men have sex with the opposite sex. It is also very easy to touch the G-Spot in this position.

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REVERSE COWGIRL: This is the most effective sex position for girls to get an orgasm easily. In this, the girl sits on the other side and starts sexually and then does sex. Both of them get a lot of fun in this position.

SPOONING: Spooning is such a sex position in which it is easy for a woman to touch the G-spot. This is a very normal position and you do not need to do any kind of hard work for this.

By having sex in the same way you can become bored. Therefore, it is important to keep changing sex status from time to time to keep sex life exciting. Such people know about many sex positions but there are some special ones that you can double your enjoyment of sex. If you want to enjoy sex more, you can try a different position ‘The Plow’. Of course for this position you may need a lot of strength and extra effort, but arguably this can increase your excitement to a great extent. Know about it.

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How To Make These Positions

To start this position, first of all, the girl should keep her both elbows near the edge of the bed. After this, the boy is holding his body with both of his hands. Keep in mind that both the legs of the girl are open and the boy stands between her legs. These positions are ready.

Obviously these positions are very different from other sex positions. This position is very easy to enter and it is also better for G-Spot Stimulation. The biggest advantage of this is that it is also helpful in enhancing pregnancy chances.

Keep This In Mind That

These positions are a bit complex, so it is very important for the girl to be slightly flexible to enjoy it. While the boy needs a lot to become strong, so that this position can be enjoyed safely.

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