May 22, 2018 

Both women and men crave a fabulous, warm, intimate, fun and pleasurable sex/love life with their treasured life partner. The big difference between the two is the pathway to great sex, which is different for men and women. Men seek it through physical sex first. Through having sex with his woman, he opens more emotionally and connects. On the other hand, a woman needs the emotional intimacy, closeness and loving appreciation first, before she feels she is willing to open her body to this “emotionally disconnected person”. This hugely important difference needs to be taken into account in order for sex and lovemaking to be great for both of you.

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For women, sex is like the glue in the relationship. It helps her to “bind” to her chosen man. For most women, the emotional is indivisible from the physical, and the emotional precedes the physical. Her desire for her man is fed by feeling close to him and by his presence. Your woman wants to feel emotionally connected to you, before, during and after sex. TIP: Take the time to sit and talk with her daily, with no distractions of TV, phones or kids. Just by taking the time to talk and listen to her, she feels closer to you, and more open to other things… like sex!

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Women love lots of it. They yearn to be treated as the unique, special creatures that they are. Attention and affection go a long, long, long way, guys, together with your appreciation of her, as an individual and as a woman. TIP: Call her throughout the day to say you love her, organize a weekend away just for the two of you, surprise her with a single rose and tell her what you love about her. Try something new every week. Women never tire of you finding them attractive. And women love to look forward to things” allude to a special surprise at a certain time.


Foreplay is what builds desire in a woman. In the bedroom, women want to be warmed up first, and she would love you to explore all of her body more. Feeling her man’s hands caressing her whole body can be a great turn on for a woman. And remember, foreplay begins after your last lovemaking session! It’s not always sexual foreplay that turns her attention towards you. TIP: Take much more time with foreplay. Look her in the eyes and learn the art of erotic touching and teasing — before going for the genitals — and you’ll be her hero in bed.

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