Try New Positions To Spice Up Your Nights!

July 10, 2019 

While reading magazine articles, online blogs we often have read about spicing up the sex life to ignite the gone chemistry between the two and most of them even try doing it. I am happy some of the couples are giving it a shot. Well, nothing’s wrong but just a simple thought? How many of them are really succeeding in doing so?

What do they do? Change the blankets to some smoking hot red one’s, lighting romantic candles, planning an hour long bath together filled with aroma or everything I mentioned and adding to them are various sex positions which might be new to many? That’s an incredible idea!

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Here are some of the smoking hot sex positions with their benefits, that I bet only few knew well:

Waterfall: Ask your guy to lie back on the bed corner hanging his head and shoulders on the floor and you being on the top takes all the benefit of straddling him. While doing so.. do not forget to stroke gently his better butts. If your friend advices you of trying the head rush position, do not get confused, this is the one!

Ballet Dancer: Play the soothing music to dance on and while doing so wrap your leg around his hip and take him in. We are sure your guy will support you on one leg and you will not let go him from your wrapped hook!

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Gift Wrapped: For getting the most intimate moments, this is the hottest option. Lie down on your sides facing each other, you wrap your legs around his hips with your hands completely folding around his neck and chest back. He, while smooching your pink lips will readily penetrate the heaven.

The Fusion: Something new and a little difficult for those who are chubby, but not impossible at all. Ask your guy to sit spreading his legs with his hands supporting his upper body by keeping them at the back with palm open downwards. You have to sit in between the space, raise your legs to his shoulders and then raise your butt to give in the circular motions.

Snow Angel: Challenging of all I guess! Also known as Bottom’s Up, here you have to lie down spreading your legs while your guy will straddle you facing the opposite direction showing you his firm derriere. You can help him in and out while massaging his buttocks.

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Corkscrew: You have to rest on your hip and forearm from one side and keep the thighs together. Make sure you are lying on the edge of the bed or bench, so that your man can stand and straddle you entering from behind.

Wheel Barrow: You stand before your guy, not facing him. Put your hands open on floor and ask him to raise you by your pelvis while he lock himself between your thigh gap. As soon as you perform this, tie a half knot on his buttock and there you go!

X-Factor: Nope, not too hard! It starts with the regular missionary, then the guy moves his chest and legs off from your body keeping the pelvis at the same location which is actually doing ‘THE’ thing. And this will form ‘X’! Remember Sex And The City?

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Upstanding Citizen: Do not take me otherwise but this is strictly advised for people with light weight. Lady, you have to straddle him while he is standing and he will support you in his arms. You have to wrap your legs around him and move the way you wish. You can start this on bed and later he can pick you up while the game is on!

Butter Churner: Well, this might be a yoga position giving you extra benefits. Here you lie down on your back folding your legs and raising them towards your head so that your toes are on either side of your head, while he squats and enters you.


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