The Best Ways To Have Sex In The Tub

December 24, 2018 

You may think that you can just hop in the tub and get it on, but that would be a huge mistake. There are certain steps you should take, and different positions you should try in order to make the most out of having sex in the tub. Turn the hot water on, add some delicious smelling scents, strip down, and get dirty while getting clean with your lover. In order to make the night an unforgettable one, try these tips for the best ways to have sex in the tub.

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Make Sure It’s The Right Temperature

You don’t need a singing hot shower when you’re going to get in and begin warming yourself up. Ensure your water is at a medium temperature yet at the same time warm to the touch. Along these lines, you won’t get too hot to even think about having sex. What’s more, the water will remain sufficiently warm while you are getting occupied in the air pockets.

Don’t Fill It up Too Much

Simply recollect that this shower will have TWO individuals in it. This implies you can’t top it off like you ordinarily would it if were simply you. Leave enough space for the both of you to really get IN the tub. Also, keep in mind about leaving space for the water to move around since, well, you’ll be moving near.

Add Great Smelling Oils

There are TONS of various oils out there that are sheltered to use amid sex in the tub. You can look over various ones that smell stunning, and they will just add to the inclination – and it’ll improve the sex that much.

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Light Some Candles

What’s a provocative, sleek, bubble shower without a few candles? Turning the lights down low and having the warm gleam of the candles is an extraordinary method to set the mind-set. It likewise makes the night a great deal more noteworthy.

Play Some Music

So as to set the inclination and make it an extremely sentimental and hot night, play some delicate, moderate music. Nothing will get your accomplice in the disposition in excess of a hot shower, scented oils, candles glimmering all through the restroom, and delicate music murmuring route out of sight.

Don’t Forget The Foreplay

Foreplay before engaging in sexual relations in the tub must be the best part. You have a hot rise shower all prompted for you and your accomplice. So get in it with them, snatch a delicate loofa, and clean each other down. Contacting one another while you’re all hot and oiled up is a phenomenal method to do foreplay. What’s more, you don’t need to stop there… if you catch my drift.

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Get on Top, Ladies!

Presently have your man bring down himself into the tub on his back and get ideal over him. This position is extraordinary in light of the fact that with the edges of the tub, you have a great deal more command over your speed and profundity. Have a go at exchanging up those two things for most extreme delight!

Change  Your Positions

Don’t simply stay with a couple of positions. Attempt whatever rings a bell! Diverse individuals will lean toward various positions, and you simply need to discover which one is best for you two to engage in sexual relations in the tub.

Bring Some Water Toys

Actually no, not the caring your children may play with. I’m discussing waterproof toys explicitly implied for engaging in sexual relations in the tub. There are a ton of fun toys that you can carry with you in the tub for the two people to intensify your pleasure there.

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Massage Each Other Afterward

In case you’re done or taking a break before heading into the room, accept the open door to rub one another while you’re altogether oiled up and warm. This is an incredible method to end sex in the tub since it will unite you, put snuggling to disgrace, and it’ll likewise fill in as extraordinary foreplay for cycle 2.

Take It To The Bedroom

Regardless of whether you completed in the tub, take the sex to the room and complete – or go for cycle 2! The sex doesn’t have to stop in the tub. Many individuals use sex in the tub as their warm up before the headliner in the room.

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