The Age of SEX?

February 12, 2018 

It is natural to ask how to do sex if you are virgin or thinking of doing sex first time. However, there is no set of rules but, certainly, there are some points to consider-

How can I know when I’m prepared for sex?

Deciding when to have sex is a terribly personal thing. It needs to feel right for you and for the person you’re with, so that you’ll make a joint call. this can be called sexual consent.

Remember that consent applies every time you have sex. though you have consented to sex before – with a previous partner or your current one – it doesn’t mean you automatically want to do it again. be aware of however your partner feels and allow them to know what you’re thinking too.

The Age of SEX

Consent applies to any type of sexual intercourse, not simply intercourse. If you choose to be intimate in any approach, it’s completely fine to prevent at any purpose, or to not do it again if you don’t need to.

What are the wrong reasons to have sex?

To please your partner
Is this your decision, or are you pondering having sex because of somebody else? If any of these phrases sound acquainted then think carefully – they may be pressuring you:

  • You would if you really liked me!
  • Everyone else is doing it!
  • It can create our relationship stronger
  • You’ll need to do it someday – why not currently, with me?
  • I’ll be gentle, and it will be very great!
  • You don’t need to seem immature

Having an age gap in your relationship doesn’t create sex right – actually, if your partner is older than you they must be mature enough to attend till you’re ready. there’s no set age or stage to start having sex, and losing your status at a young age doesn’t essentially cause you to mature.

  • You think you ‘should’


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Your friends all seem to be having sex and grasp lots concerning it – do you recognise any of those phrases?

  1. You mean you’ve never done it?!
  2. I lost it when I was 12…
  3. Yeah, I’ve had sex loads of times
  4. You’re a virgin, you wouldn’t understand”

Your friends could also be saying this stuff because they require to sound saw than they very are. Be brave and tell them that you’re happy to wait.

“I still haven’t had sex. I have felt tremendous pressure to just-rely have random sex to urge it over with and because my friends have lost their virginity however I needed to attend to have sex with somebody i love and who loves me.” – Bryan

You are going against your beliefs

We all have totally different attitudes to sex. Some people assume sexuality should only happen inside wedding, others see sex and love as various things.

Your views on sex might be linked to your faith or beliefs and that’s fine, as long as you’re clear concerning what you suspect in and your partner understands.

You may have a different attitude to sex than your family or friends. Ultimately, the choice to have sex ought to be an agreement between you and your partner, and whereas others might help or influence your decision, they shouldn’t create it for you.

How can i be ready and protected?

If you know you’re prepared, ensure your initial time (and every time after that) is safe. this means protecting yourself and your partner against unwanted pregnancy and therefore the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. the most effective way to do that is to always use a safety(Condom).

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If you’re able to have sex then you ought to be able to point out it first. It are often awkward to introduce condoms in the heat of the instant, thus ease the embarrassment by discussing protection beforehand and choose who can bring the safety. Having it discreetly on the aspect or under the pillow might help.


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