Tell Husband That You Are Not Satisfaction In Bed

October 19, 2019 

A survey found that most women do not talk to their partners about sexual dissatisfaction. This is wrong Femina is telling how you can effectively tell them the reason of your dissatisfaction without making the partner heartbroken.

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A recent survey conducted on married and divorced women aged 19 to 50 in 10 cities found that 57 percent of women do not tell their partners that they are unhappy with sex relations. Researchers believe that the reason for sexual dissatisfaction of women in marital relations is because of husband and wife not to discuss this issue. How can a conversation be done without hurting your partner’s feelings on this issue? This is what we are saying:

Method Of Love Do You Like The Most

Instead of discussing the problem directly, start with this sentence. This will give many topics of conversation. And gradually you can talk about your problem. “You can give such suggestions that you like foreplay for a long time. Everyone’s choices are different, and the husband and wife should know about each other’s choices.”

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 I Feel Very Good That

Apart from coming directly to the issue, there can be an effective way of saying your words. You are telling them these things, because you want them to improve their performance. “It should not feel like you are being aggressive. Do not use language that makes them fall into your eyes, because it will not give you the right result.” ‘Well said will not hurt his ego and it will also be known where he has to improve.

Copy Each Other

You can do all the things with your partner that you expect for yourself. Play this game with them. Tell them, “You are also copying what I am doing with you.” You can kiss them in a special way and then they will repeat it too. Then when you tell them that you like them so much, they will remember it by themselves and will definitely repeat it next time.”

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Sensitive Parts of Body

These Astounding Places are about 32 parts in the human body, which are extremely sensitive to sexual activity and which most people are not aware of. “When we try different ways, we get to know about them. When you touch each other during foreplay, ask them to do something unexpected. So that you like it. But if you do not like their action, then make sure that they know about it.


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