Sex Tips and Tricks

January 20, 2018 

In this article we are going to discuss some very helpful tips and tricks to spice up your sex life. Being innovative and experimental in sex life can fill your sex life with fun and excitement. You need to take the initiative and dare to be the boss in the bed. Her are some great tips that you can use to make your sex life great again:

Talk Dirty: This should be your first step towards the intercourse. It can really enhance and intensify your sex life. You can try different phrases like “I need to feel you inside”, or you can say “I want to you without clothes”. Keep your partner thinking about you.

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Do Something Naughty – Well, you can try something unexpected like you can try Handcuffs for restrains. Imagine your boyfriend is fired but he is handcuffed, he can’t do anything and you are making him harder and harder. You can try hairbrush, blush brush or some other housholds to make him wild.

Roleplays: Yes! You can try Roleplay to get out of regular sex. You can try different roles like you are strangers and you met at somewhere and and then your story goes on. Based on what you enjoy, you can assign roles and make your intercourse dirtier and dirtier. It will really thrills you as you are able to do things or roles which help you to arouse.

Sex Position : Do you want to reach the orgasm! Infact everyone want to reach there. This could be achieved by exploring different Sexual Positions. If your partner do not orgasm then you need to explore and find the best positions that hits her G Spot. Apart all, trying different position can reaaly please your partner and help you have a great sex.

Gambir Sarawak : Let me first introduce you about Gambir Sarawk. It’s a herbal product which really help you to prevent ejaculation upto 3 to 4 hours which give you enough time to explore things in the intercourse. The great thing about this product is, it do not have any side effect.

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