Secret Tips To Improve Your Private Life

August 27, 2019 

Healthy sex life benefits you in many ways. This increases your immunity and reduces stress levels significantly. By having sex, the hormone is also secreted, which is beneficial for health. But even more important thing is that you should know how you can improve your sex life day by day. So let’s know what you should take care of for a better sex life and healthy sex.

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Kegel Exercises For Better Sex Life

If you want to have a better sex life, then include Kegel exercises in your routine. Kegel exercises increase blood flow to the area around the pelvic, thus strengthening the PC muscles. Stimulation during orgasm increases when the PC muscle is strengthened. This also increases sexual arousal. In such a situation women are able to enjoy sex well.

Don’t Take Sex As A Burden

If you consider sex as a compulsion then it is very important for you to know that it is very important for your partner as well as your health. Having sex reduces stress. If your partner is less interested in sex, then talk to them comfortably and tell them about its benefits. You can also adopt other ways to persuade your partner for sex. You can take them for a romantic dinner or take a shower together. This will definitely change their mood.

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Foods Will Make Sex Life Better

Strawberry -: Strawberry also plays an important role in charging you for sex. This red color fruit gives you the pleasure of foreplay.

Avocado -: Avocado with unsaturated fat can also improve your sex life. Avocado contains abundant folic acid, which increases the level of protein in the body, which leads to higher energy levels in you. Avocado is also beneficial for heart health. This makes your sex life better.

Say No To Smoke

If you want to have a better sex life, then it is good for you to quit smoking. The nicotine present in cigarettes is the biggest cause of damage to nerves and arteries. Smoking also damages blood vessels. It also has a bad effect on sexual organs. Smoking impedes blood flow to men’s genitalia. Apart from this, smoking also affects the fertility of men. Smoking reduces the amount of semen.

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Start At The Right Time

Doing the right thing at the right time always benefits. Sex life is severely affected due to lack of aging, mentality and interest. People tend to ignore sex as they age. This causes many emotional changes in them such as restlessness, stress and depression etc. The only way to avoid this is to tell your partner your mind at the right time and tell them that you are still interested in sex. When they are busy in cooking, make love to them and send them romantic messages.

Do Not Mistake Them As Experts

Usually men express their feelings about sex easily, but this does not mean that you should understand them as experts of sex. Often men are not able to tell their fears and experiences about sex openly, so do not make the mistake of considering them as experts. Men should also talk openly about this to their partners. Only one of your mistakes can trouble you. Talk to your partner about your wishes.

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Do Not Ignore Foreplay

Ignoring the foreplay can be your biggest mistake. There is no need to have direct sex even if you are very excited and eager. Foreplay helps both you and your partner to be ready for sex. You should be fully excited before sexual intercourse. Otherwise sex will become painful for you instead of pleasure and it can also prove to be a bad experience for you.

Manage Sex Life Well Even In Old Age

The need for sex in old age cannot be denied. You may have reluctance to have sex due to lack of hormones called testosterone in the body. This is a common problem of increasing age. It is not necessary that you focus on the organism itself, but both of you can enjoy each other’s touch as well. There is no need to depend too much on non-essential medicines. Be sure to consult your doctor before using any medicine daily, otherwise these medicines can cause harm to you. Masturbation, massage, kissing and celebrating your partner with such loving actions can rejuvenate your sex life.

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Do Exercise

Exercise speeds up blood flow, which keeps your cardiovascular system healthy. Health experts around the world believe that increasing the level of libido stimulates sex. If you want to improve your sex life, then follow these tips. It is not necessary that you have to do your best to improve your sex life. You can also take help of your partner in this work. After all, they have the same responsibility as you. So do not take any decision related to your sex life without talking to them.


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