Keep Safe Your Sexual Life For Long-Term Relationship

July 5, 2017 

Keep Safe Your Sexual Life For Long-Term Relationship : When you have a brand new partner, sex tends to be pretty goodthough neither of you have lots of experience. The novelty of a new body (and perhaps even love) means sex happens a lot. 
But a long-term relationship will be differentyou’ve got work, a home to require care of, perhaps a kid or 2 as well. With all the family, money and alternative concerns, sex will slip down that list of priorities. 


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This has nothing to do along with your skills – you would possibly be nice at pleasing a lady in bedit’s everything to do with routine. 

Do you always have sex in the bedroom?

And though you’re still having many sex, sticking to a similar habits and routines will mean that your bedroomfinally ends up being less exciting than it once was. 
Fortunately, this is often a really repairable drawbacka couple of tiny changes are all you wish to stay your combined sexual fire burning brightly. 
Try obtaining all the way down to business on the couch while you’re catching informed Netflix, perhaps even on that nice soft floor cover on the floor. Why not sit her informed the room counter once you’re doing the dishes? and also the feel of skin beneath heat water and lined in soap within the shower is commonly terribly erotic. 

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A new environment adds different sensations and position prospects. Personally, I like the couch to my bed (oral is simpler, and I prefer reclining as opposed to lying flat on my back, it’s just more comfortable). 
Of course, if you live with family, changing rooms might not be the best plan (no one wants to get caught with their pants down), but there are other changes to think about… 

It’s not just for after dark

Rather than a change of location, you might instead opt for a change in timing. 
Firstly, your testosterone levels are higher in the morning, meaning you’ll have a higher sex drive as well as more energy. So put that morning erection to good use! 
Secondly, you won’t be carrying around the baggage of a long day. No worrying about that meeting you just had, no discussing the trouble the little one got into at school today. A morning means a clean mind, which is all the better for good sex. 
If you usually save sex for when it’s dark, morning sex adds novelty, and therefore excitement. And don’t fall for the excuse that there’s no time. Set the alarm fifteen minutes early, it’s a small sacrifice to make take Gambir Sarawak. 
Of course, you can always go for a lunch time quickie. A personal favorite is getting busy right when you get home after work. And sex before dinner means that a lot of energy (and no aching stomach), less exhaustion, and nobody’s within the middle of their favorite TV program. 

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