Know Your Husband Enjoying The Loves or Not

June 18, 2019 

It’s a nice feeling when your man tells you that you’re good in bed. However, not every guy is like that. Most men aren’t vocal about their feelings and that sometimes makes a woman doubt her lovemaking skills. If that sounds like your lover then don’t feel disheartened just yet. Remember that actions speak louder than words. Here’s how to know if he’s enjoying the sex – without him saying it!

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Gets Hard

The dude is clearly attracted to you if he gets a boner as soon as you feel him up. You’ll notice that apart from his boner, he starts to get very touchy-feely with you. That’s because he’s into you. You two share strong chemistry and every time you guys make physical contact, he’s tempted to rip your clothes off, pick you up in his arms and take you to the bedroom.

Cuddles After Love

There are some guys that leave as soon as the deed is done. If you find yourself waking up in his arms the morning after a wild night, then it’s probably more than sex – it’s love. Cuddling for a guy is a very intimate experience and if he’s doing it with you, chances are, he wants more of whatever you two had last night.

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Showered With Kisses

Kisses not just on your lips, but on your tummy, temples, cheeks, neck and hands as well. One good way to know if he enjoys the sex with you is the effort he makes to build things up before the final act. There should be passion! There should be fireworks! And, amazeballs sex should follow it up after!

Loves Going Down

Unless a guy really enjoys you and your body would he willingly want to go down on you. He not only enjoys the sex with you but also looks forward to pleasing you down there. Please note that men don’t usually go down on women they have no connection with. If he does for you, you’re pretty special in his eyes.

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Can’t Stop

There could be a thousand women that hit his DMs, but he has eyes only for you. The moment you come out of the shower with a towel wrapped around your body and water dripping from your hair, you catch him checking you out. You and he both know what follows next *Wink*

Dirty Texts and Hot Pics

Not a day goes by without him sending you sexy text messages and shirtless pictures of himself. The guy is hooked on to you for sure. This is a sign of him missing you and trying to keep the fire burning. He wants you to himself and can’t wait for his next sexy time soon.

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Lips are Sealed

Sometimes, no news is good news. Usually, when men are unsatisfied in bed, they bring it to their partner’s notice. If he hasn’t mentioned a word from last night’s sex episode, chances are, he enjoyed every bit of it and wants you to keep up the good work.

After sex, you’ll notice him happily glowing and smiling to himself. That’s an indirect way of him saying that he enjoyed every bit of it. He may follow it up with a warm hug and sloppy kisses after. Don’t be surprised if you wake up to a man cooking you breakfast, Coz’ honey, in his eyes, you’re magic!

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