Intimacy Is So Much More Than Just Having Sex

October 4, 2018 

Intimacy means so much more than just humping each other’s brains out. Intimacy means so much more than just getting naked in front of one another and caressing each other’s bodies in unison. Intimacy is so much more than just a few pecks on the lips, the neck, and other sensitive body parts. Intimacy is so much more than just a mere expression of physical affection. Intimacy means so much more than just establishing a physical connection with one another. There is a depth to intimacy that a lot of couples have difficulty gaining access to but once they do, then they are practically locked together for life.

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Intimacy means so much more than just being unable to keep your hands off of one another. It can mean so much more than just spending every single night in bed with each other. Intimacy goes beyond a fun night in the sack. Intimacy transcends simple hugs, cuddles, and caresses of the skin. Intimacy means so much more than these physical gestures would typically suggest. Real intimacy carries with it a certain kind of sensation that is able to go beyond these hot romantic moments.  Intimacy is always meant to be a real physical manifestation of your love for one another. Intimacy is being able to stare deeply into each other’s eyes knowing full well that you are looking at one another’s soul.

Intimacy is being able to keep your hands locked together for the duration of the dinner at the restaurant without you even noticing. You just know that your hands feel so much more at home when you’re holding your partners. Intimacy is the time that you spend together at the couch at home doing nothing, saying nothing, talking about nothing. You are just there, being present in each other’s lives without necessarily uttering a word. Intimacy is when you are able to go through vast lengths of time just being around one another and knowing that you are comfortable. Intimacy is when you consider your partner home and that you can never really relax when you’re not together.

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Intimacy is when your arms naturally interlock with one another as you’re strolling through the streets of your town. You wear each other around your arms like some sort of medal that you want to show off to everyone else, but real intimacy goes beyond that. Real intimacy doesn’t care about what other people have to say or think. Intimacy only concerns the both of you living in your own little world that you have set up for yourselves where no one else is welcome. Intimacy means being able to find peace, harmony, balance, and quite in the life of the person that you’re with. Intimacy means always being able to feel at ease whenever you are together it means that you are able to feel like you are living in an environment that frees you from all sorts of judgment, criticism, and negative energy.

Intimacy means that you are free to just lounge around the house in your pajamas and still feel like the most beautiful person in the world. Intimacy means that you don’t need make up on to feel like a real princess in the eyes of your partner. Intimacy means so much more than allowing your partner to see your naked body. Intimacy means allowing your partner to take a closer look at your heart along with all of its flaws and its scars. Intimacy means allowing your partner to see the sides of you that you would never show to other people.

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Intimacy isn’t something that is inherent in all couples. It certainly isn’t something that is achieved overnight. Intimacy is built over time. Intimacy is built on the foundations of passion and love that you have for one another. Intimacy isn’t present in that moment where you lock eyes or hold hands for the very first time. Intimacy isn’t something that manifests itself out of nowhere. It really is something that you and your partner have to consciously work at every single day that you’re together. Intimacy is something that you should be strengthening throughout the stretch of your relationship.

Intimacy is as much a mental game as it is an emotional one. Intimacy is being able to have the freedom to express you without any fears. Intimacy means being able to be honest about everything that you want to say everything that is on your mind. Intimacy is the freedom to be the person that you’re truly meant to be. It means that you can act as you really want without any masks or filters to hide who you are on the inside.  Intimacy is more than just exchanging a few casual words of sweetness to one another. Intimacy is being able to communicate your heart’s song to your partner in ways that no one else possibly ever could.

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