How To Increase Sex Power With Home Food

June 23, 2018 

Thousands of people are worried due to lack of sex power in today’s famine-stricken life. Due to the bad habits of catering, health also has a bad effect, as well as the problem of decreasing sex power. Not eating enough of some things or the things that should be eaten are the root causes of these problems. To increase sex power, some things should be balanced and regularly consumed. Let’s know what and how many of these things should be consumed. And also know what things you should not do at all. Keep in mind that you have to keep these things in your daily life.

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Regular eating of cold drinks, fast food, chocolates, burgers, and pizzas reduces sex power. So eat them, but not equal and if they are part of your daily life then say goodbye to them.

  • Never work on the laptop with a thigh.
  • Drink daily milk with raisins and it help strongly for the body.
  • Increases sex power by eating almonds, raisins and Sultana currant every morning in breakfast.
  • Start eating two dates daily, it will benefit you.
  • Green vegetables, fruits, sprouted grains, ghee, milk, honey etc. should be made part of their daily diet.
  • According to the season, whatever fruit, whenever you get it, then start eating those fruits.
  • Eat rice without p polish.
  • Make salads part of your daily food.
  • Without being relaxed, your sex power can never increase, so keep yourself away from unnecessary worries.
  • Eat spicy potato bread.
  • Eat daily lentils.
  • Do not add to anything.
  • Do not eat oily or spicy food every day.
  • Create self confidence that your sex power is very good, do not doubt even 1% on your sex power due to useless advertisements. Such advertisements work to break your confidence.
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  • By eating onions regularly, sex stamina is retained and sex power also increases.
  • If your weight is high, then lower it.
  • Almost 2-3 garlic buds are also beneficial for eating.
  • Massage of whole body mass also increases sex power.
  • Do not bath with hot water
  • Increasing sex capacity increases even by cycling.
  • Sitting in the sunlight in the morning and early morning also makes profitable.
  • Encourage each other completely before sex.
  • If there is no love between husband and wife, then even after not having less sex power, there will be no excitement. So do not let the romance between you ever die. Love should be tampered with. Be lover, do not face any problem.
  • Start eating food on time. Get enough sleep.
  • Do not bring the penis in hot water contact
  • Start getting up early in the morning.
  • Take 1/2 teaspoon ginger juice, one teaspoon honey and half of a boiled egg to taste for 1 month before sleeping at night.
  • Keep in mind also that nobody has sex power as much as shown in porn videos.

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