How Is Long Should Sex Last

May 11, 2018 

In most people, the curiosity to know about how much time should be given to sex. Or say how long should sex be? According to science, mood is better than sex and mind tension is free. Along with this, sex is a key role in a healthy life. According to sex therapist sexual assault and sex is the basis of sexual relationships only.

But the question is very important how long should sex be? The main reason for this is that people are quite hesitant about sex. People think that having sex for a long time can lead to many physical problems. But in reality it is not so. Let’s tell you how much time should be spent in sex.

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Recently many women were interviewed about this; so many surprising generational revelations came out. In the survey, women were asked how much time they spend in sex? So most women said that they usually spend 5 to 9 minutes in the foreplay and give 10 to 14 minutes during sex.

At the same time, it was revealed in a research that it is common for women to spend approximately 106 minutes in sexual intimacy, in which a big time passes in the foreplay. However, experts say that the reality is something different. Now the thing to think about is that you can have sex for 106 minutes?

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Sometimes you have thought about how long your sex section is running. You do not end it quickly in a hurry. There are many such questions going on in our minds, but we would not know the answer, but today we will tell you in our news answer to all these questions. One whom has been fulfilled. A survey was carried out in the US in which 432 caps were included. Along with this, 2000 sexual encounters have been included. Asked questions related to sex life According to this survey, the complete act of sex is not more than 12 minutes for a couple of couples.

There are many drawbacks in this survey, because 12 minutes is a short time. Also, in this study data, it has not been explained to the public that this time of 12 minutes is for pent iteration or it also includes foreplay.

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In most of these cases, experts say that many women take more than 12 minutes to reach climax. In a research conducted by Chapman University, it was revealed that straight-and-honest women could not reach the organism if the sex period was less than 30 minutes.


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