Guide To Increase Sexual Duration

September 19, 2018 

Regardless of whether you experience premature ejaculation (a common sex problem found in humans), or just looking for ways to increase the duration of sex, whatever the cause, there are many ways in which By adopting, you can prevent yourself from getting excited about sex during sex and early sex. Read this article to learn how.

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Be Peaceful And Positive

Premature ejaculation (PE) is as much physical problem as mental. Do not start feeling self-conscious as sexually weak, rather than doubt and fear of sex, self confidence, self esteem, and positive Taking from the perspective can bring necessary changes to you and your partner.

Practice With Yourself

Masturbation is completely healthy and natural, and doing it on a regular basis can help you to make stamina and save you from early fall, [1] and even stress and From anxiety also gives you comfort. Apart from this, the more time you spend with yourself, the more familiar you are with your own body so that you can recognize that when you become more excited than necessary. In this way, during sex, you can know when to reduce the speed or to change the position before it is late.

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Find A Regular Sex Partner

There is a tendency for a new woman to be particularly excited for the first time, especially if she is a woman attracted for that long. Try to understand that sometimes this “you” does not exist in reality, instead it is your attraction and desire to be confused with “that woman”. And there is no harm in it.

Having only one partner relationship is a great way to improve your sex, and the more time you spend with a person, you become as intuitive and confident as you would during sex.

Wear Condoms

Many men complain that condoms reduce pleasure and tenderness during sex, but if you want to spend more time in bed, then this can be the thing you need. And, of course, this includes an extra bonus to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.

Use Jamaican Stone

Use Jamaican Stone sprays and creams have been used to help men get more time to sex over the years but due to their side effects such as the decay of excitement and their companion transfer They did not spread much. There is now a new series of Topical Spray available with the absorption technique, which gives a slight anesthetic effect by reaching the nerves that control ejaculation under the skin of the penis, they provide better control and good stimulation in men and generally to women Are not transferred. There are currently many such products available.

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Do Not Leave Foreplay

Studies show that couples who are engaged in premenstruation activities can enjoy sex for longer periods of time than those who do not. Take some time for things not to go straight to intercourse, embrace, kiss, touch each other. The more time you spend in foreplay, the more time you will be able to spend more time in bed.

Change The Position

It can take your attention to the other side. Apart from this, trying different sex positions can make sex more exciting and can ensure that both partners are satisfied.

Deep Breaths And Slow Down

Many men find their sex time increased after taking slow and deep breaths. It can be related to the fact that breathing helps in keeping us calm. Try to breathe deeply into your stomach. Make your stomach feel full of breathlessness. Slowly, it can also be helpful to stop breath for two or three seconds before you quit. This breath can give the effect of restricting peace and strength.

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