Food Items That Are Proven To Increase Sexual Desires

April 6, 2019 

Food is, after all, the fuel your body needs to do any task, and lovemaking is not an exception. If you feel that your sex drive has decreased, try to introduce these food items into your lifestyle and you will see the change in the bedroom. An added benefit is that this is a natural way to boost your libido. So, read on.

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Berries are not only great for healthy snacking, but they will also help you with your lovemaking drive. Strawberries and raspberries are high in zinc which helps both women and men. They are also packed with Vitamins C and E that are essential for a healthy lovemaking life.

Yummy and healthy. Avocados have folic acid and vitamin B6. They are a great source of energy (that you definitely need for lovemaking) and keep your hormones in place. Get that guac and chips ready, already!

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This may not be your favourite thing on the menu, but it really really helps in boosting your libido. It contains arginine, a type of amino acid that helps in expanding your blood vessels. It has a similar impact as a jamaican.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds increase your level of testosterone which is not only a good news for all the men, but also helps in increasing a woman’s sex drive too.


If you love chicken or pork, then you will be glad to know that meat increases your blood flow, causing you to feel that extra love in the bedroom. It also helps deal with erectile dysfunction in men.

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Did you know that oysters are known to be natural aphrodisiacs? Oysters, clams, and scallops contain properties that raise testosterone and estrogen levels in men and women. This converts into sexual desire for many.


An apple a day not only keeps a doctor away, but also gets your partner closer to you. They are rich in quercetin. This antioxidant offers a number of health benefits along with an increased sexual desire.


Bananas are a high source of potassium, which is a critical nutrient for muscle contraction and very important for a quality love life. It gives you a boost of the sexual drive and improves loving related problems.

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Coffee is a stimulant, hence it spikes up your sex drive. Coffee gives you a rush and also increases your activity in the bedroom.


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