Does Sex Drive Decreases With Age?

September 11, 2019 

Change is the law of life and it cannot be avoided. It is not easy to mold yourself with change, but everyone has to adopt change sometimes. The same applies to sex with aging, sex desire and sexual performance. With the increasing age, we get to know what changes in sexual desire and sexual performance (Changes) and how to face them.

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Sex Desire and Age

Sex desire begins to decrease with age, but people pay very little attention to it and spend most of the time to know its reason or to think ‘how to get back to the power of sex before’. With aging, there are physical changes in both men and women, such as decreased skin sensitivity, hair loss, hormonal changes, age-related diseases, lack of sex hormone testosterone in men, and menopause in women. Happen. When people enter the 40th year of age, they start to get various types of diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, back pain, etc., which directly affect the sex life. All these diseases are such that reduce the desire for sex.

Less Sexual Desire In Women

Physical and mental reasons

Along with age in women, there is a deficiency of sex hormone, estrogen, which reduces the desire for sex in them. Apart from this, as the age increases, the vagina wall of women becomes thin and dry, which causes great pain during sex. It is also a reason that with increasing age in women, the desire for sex decreases.

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Social Pressure

Even today in Indian society, there are so many restrictions on women that they are afraid to even talk about sex openly. Social pressure increases with aging. Women always think that it is not right to have sex at this age, children have grown up, what will society say? This is also one of the reasons that as they age, the desire to have sex decreases.

Diseases And Medicines

Many diseases are faced with aging, such as – blood pressure, mental pressure, sleeplessness. To avoid all this, different types of medicines have to be taken. The effect of those medicines also affects sex life. Blood pressure medicines and mental stress medicines are used more by women.


The changing lifestyle of women in cities also affects sex. Women living in big cities work, many women do not abstain from smoking cigarettes and alcohol and often eat outside food. All these affect the body and the desire for sex.

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There are a lot of changes in looks as well with age. This also affects the sex life. Due to the lack of physical attraction, the desire for sex in women decreases, because women are quite concious about their looks.

Less Sexual Desire In Men

Hormonal changes

Men also get hormonal changes with aging, which include a decrease in sex hormones, androgens, testosterone, which is necessary for sex desire in men. Due to lack of it, there is a decrease in their desire for sex.

Erectile dysfunction

With aging, the problem of erection occurs in men due to decrease in hormones. Inability to have sex due to lack of erection properly also reduces the desire for sex.

Mental pressure

Men mostly take many kinds of pressure on themselves, such as work pressure, family pressure, children’s pressure to study and their biggest problem is that they share their problems very rarely. In such a situation, these pressures weaken them from the body. Apart from this, his sex life is also affected due to mental stress.

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Lack of partner support

As the age increases, the desire for sex in women decreases, due to which they are unable to pay more attention to their partner, this makes their marital life monotonous and the desire for sex in men also decreases. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your partner as you age. Make changes according to each other’s needs, so that the desire for sex remains.

Having Children

After having children, the wife mostly starts giving full attention to the children and her attachment to the husband decreases. Apart from this, most women think that children are growing up and having sex in front of growing children is wrong. Just this thinking of them turns them away from sex.

How to enjoy sex with increasing age?

It is in our own hands not to let the pleasure of sex diminish with age. If some things are kept in mind, then the desire for sex can be maintained despite aging.

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Do Experiment

In old age, it is very difficult to have sex as before, so different postures and some new methods should be adopted to have sex. This also increases the pleasure of sex and the desire to have sex also remains.

Take Advice

If there is a decrease in sexual desire, you should consult a specialist; seek the help of a counselor. Their measures will prove very effective.

Focus On Fitness

Fitness is very important not only from the point of view of health, but also from the perspective of sex. If you keep yourself fit, then the disease will stay away, you will feel energetic and the desire for sex will arise. Also, your physical attraction will also remain intact, which will pull your partner towards you.

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