Best Positions for Pregnancy Sex

March 16, 2018 

Sex can little much maintain as it has in the previous. Later, as the uterus grows, few positions may become trickier to carry out. Here we are offers these suggestions on the best sexual positions during pregnancy:

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Pregnancy And Safe Sex

Women want to be honest and sensible about sex during pregnancy. Communication may help to resolve irritation. Because AIDS/HIV virus is transmitted during sexual activity, always do safe sex. If you have questions about what is best sex position so check below points.

Woman On Top

This can be enjoyable position during pregnancy, pushing to manage pacing and be calmer. Make sure, however, that you doesn’t enter too deeply.

Side By Side

One more good option for pregnancy sex, this position will manage push and carry weight off belly. You and your wife lie side by side, she slips his leg over and then enters from an angle. In a variation of this, she lie on her back and you on her side. Put her leg that’s closest to you over her legs. You can enter her from the back and side.

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Corner Of The Bed

Try lying down face-up on the corner of the bed, with her legs extend and the soles of her feet on up. You can stand or bend over her. This position, however, does not enter her to push more deeply, so you’ll have to ask her for gentle and slow.

Chair Sex

First you sit on a chair, and now she can sit on your lap. Use the arms of the chair to help you control movements. You can also try kneeling on a couch, facing the back of it, while your partner stands behind you.

Pillows Sex

Don’t be afraid to get creative. During pregnancy, found that adding pillows under your hips, back, or belly can make you way more relaxed and help you find the right angle.


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