6 Reasons Why You’re Having Painful Sex!

January 31, 2018 

Sex should be several things, however painful should not be one in all them! sadly, sex isn’t a subject people in Egypt prefer to discuss, which implies several men and and girls are utterly clueless regarding it. that’s why many ladies find yourself having painful sex, without even knowing why. Once you recognize the rationale why your sexual expertise is painful and sign of health, you can begin acting on an answer. Here are a few common reasons ladies experience painful sex.

Reasons Why You’re Having Painful Sex

Reasons Why You’re Having Painful Sex!


Vaginismus is pain throughout sexuality, typically due to psychological reasons. vaginismus is incredibly common and sometimes under-diagnosed. A gynecologist and a sex expert should work hand in hand so as to treat vaginismus.

Not Enough foreplay

Foreplay is sort of important for a woman’s body so as for her to relish sex. In fact, sex is not “before the play”; it’s the playtime that opens the door for fun, pleasure, and eventually desired penetration. once couples proceed without putting an excessive amount of effort into sex, typically the ladies isn’t aroused enough. Arousal is once ladies unleash natural liquids that act as natural lubricants. without this, a lady terribly dry and penetration becomes very painful.

Infection or Inflammation

Regular gynecological checkups also as daily hygiene are each very necessary so as to maintain or treat any potential infections, STDs, or inflammation. Please consult your gynecologist regularly.


Illness can cause xerotes during a woman’s sexual components. this is traditional. If the sickness is a future condition, please do {consider|think regarding|contemplate|take into account} couples therapy so as to find out about ways in which help in dealing and dealing around bound challenges.

Other Medications

Some medications cause dryness or a decrease in sexual desire. bound anti depressants or anti anxiety medications also as others are known to cause such aspect effects. Please research all medications before beginning them, consult your doctors, and be extra careful.

Irritation or allergy caused by certain Condoms

Research has verified that a lot of ladies seem to possess a reaction to latex condoms. If so, consider buying non-latex condoms out there in many stores worldwide.


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