Men complain, Why I cannot Last Longer in Bed!

How To Last Longer In Bed

Some men may complain why I cannot last longer in bed to satisfy my partner, and think how to last longer in bed, they find that they cannot control ejaculation as their wish, and always ejaculate within two or three minutes before their partner can achieve orgasm. In fact, that is condition of premature ejaculation, its primary sign is that a man occurs ejaculation too soon while his partner wishes to last longer in bed. This became a problem because his partner cannot get satisfaction. Many men meet with this kind of thorny issue should get help on how to cure premature ejaculation.

Although many men have occurred the condition that they are not able to control ejaculation effectively, maybe they don’t know what premature ejaculation is and this is the sign of premature ejaculation they are suffering. Perform some simple symptoms diagnosis will let you know if you have the problem of premature ejaculation; first, ejaculation always occurs very soon during sexual activity, which is about two minutes. Second, a man is lack of ability to control the time of ejaculation, he always ejaculates before his partner gets orgasm. If you find you have one of symptoms which are shown above, it is very possible you have the issue of premature ejaculation.

Factually, premature ejaculation is most common problem in men’s sexual health; therefore, it may result in lots of destruction affect on men. If a man has the issue of premature ejaculation, it is impossible to experience a satisfactory sexual experience with his partner, and if the condition lasts longer, it can affect the relationship couples or both partners. So it is necessary to take some effective strategies for premature ejaculation treatment.

Sexual experts have said that there are many reasons which can cause premature ejaculation, and before curing premature ejaculation, it is better you can really know what causes premature ejaculation for you. Generally, the reason of premature ejaculation includes psychological and biological factors, and some are involved both two factors at the same time. Such as psychological factors may be due to anxiety, guilt, or depression, these factors may be difficult to change in life, therefore it need useful mental curing for a long time. In addition, because of relationship problems with your partner, it can cause the problem of premature ejaculation. About biological causes usually include lots different factors, like abnormal hormone levels and reflex activity of the ejaculation system, certain thyroid problems, or injury reasons, etc. Certainly, if you want to know more detail about your condition of premature ejaculation, you’d better go to see a doctor and make a comprehensive check.

In order to prevent premature ejaculation, you should know how to stop premature ejaculation with safe and effective ways. Using a practical experience, there are many helpful treatment methods for premature ejaculation, it can include relaxing techniques, sexual therapy, medications or changing bad habits, etc. Such as practicing relaxation techniques helps delay ejaculation, or taking distraction ways can get the same effect. Like squeezing techniques, when a man recognizes that he is about to ejaculate, his partner can gently squeeze the end of penis about several seconds to reduce sexual stimulation, using the same method for several times, which can help delay ejaculation effectively.

Of course, there are other methods which can also be useful for some men, for example, stopping using of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs can the ability of controlling ejaculation. If some men desire to stop premature ejaculation as quickly as possible, they can treat PE by using medicines, like antidepressant medicines including fuoxentine(Prozac), paroxetine(Paxil), sertraline(Zoloft), etc. The effect of these medicines is to inhibit climax and help delay ejaculation. However, there is a disadvantage for using medicine to cure premature ejaculation, it will be dependent.

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2 Responses to Men complain, Why I cannot Last Longer in Bed!

  1. Shella says:

    This was really annoying, men of different ages can experience PE, so its better to read more about these illness and try to follow those tips..

    • Vladimir says:

      Never ever use Viagra for ED or PE. It has got its own side effects. You can use this sulcssefulcy for a couple of years to maximum up to 5 years after that our body stops responding to these allopathic salts and I have learnt this thing the hard way. Better way of handling this problem is by using herbal medicines which do not have side effects. Moreover there are herbal medicines which can also cure this problem and there is no need to continue the medicine after it is cured. Shivalik Gold is one such product, you can give it a try.

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